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An unusual life-support system without a pump was tested in operation [VIDEO]

The German company Wieland has developed a prototype of a “dropsy” for a PC processor, operating without the usual pump for circulating fluid. A well-known overclocker under the nickname der8auer got a sample of the new product and tested it in action, comparing it with the classic model.

Wieland LSS works on the principle of a thermosyphon – water itself rises to the radiator after heating, forcing the liquid in the system to circulate in the same way as it moves in the heat pipe of a cooler (though without evaporation). For the user, this means a minimum noise level and increased reliability of the cooler.

For the purity of the experiment, the overclocker used the same Corsair fans on both cooling systems. To test the capabilities of his rivals, he ran the Cinebench R32 stress test for 20 minutes after installing each of the dropsys.


During testing, the Ryzen 9 7950X processor in conjunction with a Corsair LSS heated up to 70 °C, and with a prototype from Wieland – up to 78 °C. The enthusiast noted that the second still has potential – the prototype is made of aluminum, so with the transition to copper it can improve its characteristics.


The possible announcement date and price of the unusual cooling system have not yet been announced.


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