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An enthusiast made an Internet radio receiver in the form of an audio cassette [VIDEO]

The radio is the size of a tape recorder and can connect to any Internet radio station. Anyone can make such a gadget, since its creator has released a manual with detailed assembly instructions.

The enthusiast used Raspberry Pi 5 as a hardware platform for the receiver. Instead of a classic FM radio, the author opted for Internet radio, since the design does not provide for a large antenna, which is why it will not be possible to achieve a good signal. In contrast to this technology, the operation of Internet radio is limited only to Wi-Fi access points. 

The user of such a gadget can “download” any radio stations available via the Internet. In the middle of the gadget there is a transparent screen to display information about artists and compositions. Instructions for assembling the gadget are posted on Instructables. Inside there are links to all the parts needed to create it at home. The author even left STL files for the cassette shell so that it could be printed on a 3D printer.

In the future, the author intends to add an audio spectrum analyzer, which will work in parallel with song playback. 


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