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An AI robot that performs acupressure has appeared in the United States Manipulators imitate the force and movement of human hands

The American company Aescape has introduced massage robotic tables equipped with two “arms” for contactless procedures, eliminating the need for clients to undress.

Aescape’s chain of massage parlors is spread across New York City. To initiate the massage, users activate the Aescape app on their smartphones. As they lie down on the massage table fitted with AI technology, the robot obtains primary information about the client. The manipulators are not only designed for administering massages but also for body mapping using integrated sensors.

The robot generates over 1.1 million anatomical 3D points, identifying the most relevant ones for acupressure. Additionally, the “masseur” can be controlled via a touchscreen located beneath the headrest.

Moreover, the robot’s hands replicate the warmth, shape, and strength of human hands. The manipulators move simultaneously and apply uniform pressure, accomplishing twice as much work in half the time compared to a human masseur.

“Our robots move in a manner that feels remarkably familiar. This aspect is crucial. It should resemble what you’re already accustomed to. However, we also aimed to expand the possibilities achievable only through technology,” stated Eric Litman, the founder and CEO of Aescape.


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