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Amphibious Car Sea Lion: This car flies in land and water, so much money will have to be spent to buy it


Amphibious Car: Have you ever thought of carrying your car with water. If you can really do this, how good would it be? But this dream is going to come true. The She Lion, one of the fastest cars in the world, can be converted into a speedboat immediately. 

Sea Lion Amphibious Car: Sea Lion is the fastest amphibious car in the world. With the 13B rotary engine, the car can accelerate to 60 mph (97 km/h) on water and 180 mph (290 km/h) on land. It took almost 6 years to make this car.

Price is Rs 2 crore

According to media reports, the body of this car is made of CNC mild pieces and TIG welded 5052 aluminum. Because of this, this amphibious car looks quite different and spectacular. This car has been made by M. Witt. If you want to buy this car, then you will have to spend $ 25,9500 (about 20 million).

car made like this

The body of this car is made of CNC milled pieces and a monocoque is attached to it. It also gets retractable side pods along with rear and front fenders. The competition of this car is with about 25 other vehicles.

Available on online mode

This car is available for sale through online mode. When the project to build this car began in 2006, it had a top speed of 45 mph in water and 125 mph on land. However, now its speed has increased a lot. 

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