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Amnesia turned out to be a consequence of the postponed COVID-19

Psychiatrist Zurab Kekelidze shared information with the Russians about the consequences of the postponed coronavirus. As it turned out, after illness, you can face amnesia.

According to Kekelidze, people who have been ill with coronavirus often do not have complaints, but the matter may be in an incorrect assessment of their functions. For example, it may be shortness of breath in athletes a few minutes after the start of training, which has not been previously encountered. In addition, some people who have been ill experience partial amnesia or increased irritability.

There are other disorders, for which we generally understood, as doctors, that, apparently, COVID somehow affects the brain, relatively speaking, penetrates. But this is a conventional name, whether it penetrates or not, we cannot say. I mean, where it penetrates, what part of the brain, and so on, there is no such data and, most likely, it will not be in the near future. But there is no doubt that COVID is associated with the central nervous system ”, – said the doctor in the interview.

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