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America’s giant tech company Google bowed down to the hard work of an Indian boy! Know the full story

New Delhi. Those who try never lose. You must have heard this proverb. This adage has proved to be true once again. A tech lover living in Bangalore was trying to get a job in Google for the last 10 years, but was rejected every time. Even after being rejected so many times over the years, this man from Bangalore did not give up and finally Google has selected this tech lover of India and given him a job. Let us tell you some special things about this tech lover living in Bangalore.

The name of this techie from Bangalore is Advin Netto, who is a digital designer. Edwin has recently been hired by Google India. This is a common news for any common man, but it is not so for Edwin. Edwin Roy Netto is now working as UX Design in Google. Edwin was applying for this post for the last 10 years.

Edwin’s inspirational story

According to Edwin’s LinkedIn profile, he graduated in Animation and Graphics Designing in 2007. After that in 2008 he started his first job as a web designer in Sarigam luxury villa retreat. There he worked for 1 year and 3 months. After that he moved to another company as a creative designer. In this way he worked in 7 different places in the last 12 years and gained a lot of experience. Now finally he got a job in Google as well, which was always a dream job for him.

After getting this job, Edwin has posted a video of himself with his family on social media, in which he said that we usually only see the good side of any story on social media. We need to understand the hard work that goes behind it. He wrote in his Instagram post that, every year when I used to get rejected, I used to check what was wrong with me. After that I used to try to make changes in my resume and portfolio.

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