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American scientist who went to live in water for 100 days made a big discovery! find out what

An American scientist has been living underwater for almost a month. His hideout is about 30 feet down in the Florida lagoon, where he is living in a 100-square-foot capsule. This scientist has claimed to have discovered a new species while living in water. According to reports, Professor Joseph Dituri of the University of South Florida has been referred to in social media as ‘Dr. Also known as ‘Deep Sea’. He has come down with the target of staying in water for 100 days. Joseph Dituri wants to know how our body reacts to long-term exposure to excessive pressure. However, after a month in the water, his team has claimed another scientific discovery.

Dr Deturi told The Independent told that they have found a single-celled organism. Deturi and his team believe that this creature Science It is a completely new species for He said that people have dived thousands of times in the waters of this area, but till now this single celled organism had not been seen.

However, this discovery is yet to be confirmed. The conclusion can be reached only after the investigation. The 100-square-foot capsule that Ditturi and his team have in the water is also a small lab. Deturi and the team hope that through this lab they will be able to bring some more discoveries to the world.

Professor Joseph Dituri is being closely monitored while in the water. Often their urine and blood samples are taken. It is checked whether the professor is completely healthy or not. Along with this, psychologists and a psychiatrist are also monitoring them. It is also being seen that what is the mental effect of living in a confined environment.

Professor Dituri went into the water on 1 March. He is also about to break the record for staying in water. The longest recorded stay in water so far is 73 days. To break this record, Professor Dituri will have to stay in the Florida lagoon till May 14. Interestingly, Professor Dituri is not an oceanographer. He earned his PhD in Biomedical Engineering after serving in the US Navy for 28 years.


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