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American company Fisker Inc. will set up its headquarters in Hyderabad

American electric vehicle startup company Fisker Inc. has said that it will open its headquarters in Hyderabad in India. The company here is Fisker Science India Pvt. Ltd. Will do business under his name. 

Fisker will operate the Hyderabad base as a technological hub in India. The company’s focus will be on software development, machine learning, data analytics and virtual development support functions here. Apart from the Indian Headquarters, Fisker will also continue to operate in California in the US.

The company has started local hiring for its Hyderabad office and the company is likely to hire around 200 people. Fisker’s global team has 450 employees and this figure is expected to go up to 800 by the end of 2022.

The Ocean Car is the only Fisker EV that is close to production. At the same time, the ‘Pier’ could be a very important model in the company’s lineup, whose full name is ‘Personal Electric Automotive Revolution’. This will be the smallest and most affordable model with a starting price of Rs 22.4 lakh (USD 30,000). No more information related to this has been revealed at the moment, but it is definitely confirmed that its design will be very attractive. It is estimated that it can be launched in the international market by the end of 2023. This vehicle can be capable of covering a range of around 400 kms. The Pear will be manufactured by Foxconn, a Taiwanese phone manufacturer. Fisker believes that technology-powered EVs are easier and faster to build than IC engine cars.

The Ocean Electric SUV will be Fisker’s first car to be launched in India that can be imported and sold here. However, it is also looking to start local manufacturing in India in partnership with American EV company Foxconn. The company plans to build and run an Indian production base before Tesla.

The Fisker Ocean and Pier EV can compete with the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 . As per the current timeline, the first Fisker EV could be launched in India by 2023.

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