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American Airlines Group warns, issues related to 5G will remain for many years

It is likely to take ‘several years’ to permanently address the issue of flight problems caused by the deployment of 5G wireless in C-band. The information will be given Thursday to US lawmakers by the group that represents major US passenger and cargo aircraft. Nick Calio, head of airlines for America, will tell the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee in writing that the 5G issues facing the aviation industry should have been avoided. His testimony has been reviewed by Reuters and it has not yet come to the public.

Nick Calio says it will take years to completely and permanently reduce interference issues caused by the deployment of 5G in C-band. His group represents American Airlines, United Airlines, FedEx and other major carriers.

Verizon and AT&T, which has achieved 5G wireless spectrum in C-band, agreed to delay the deployment of some 5G wireless towers near airports in January following warnings from the aviation industry and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Was. The disruption of 5G in the US is said to affect the radio altimeters of sensitive airplanes. The FAA said last week it had approved 20 altimeter models. But 5G has affected some flights in bad weather. Eric Fanning, president of the Aerospace Industries Association, will tell lawmakers that the problem is under way, but that it has not yet been resolved.

The hearing will also include testimony from FAA Administrator Steve Dixon, wireless industry group CTIA CEO Meredith Atwell Baker and others.

A spokesman for the committee said the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had been invited to testify, but was unable to appear. The FCC did not immediately comment on this.

Meredith Atwell Baker will tell lawmakers that the wireless industry believes that 5G poses no threat to air traffic safety.

Joe DePete, president of the Airline Pilots Association, says the FCC’s support for the telecom industry has not only put the public at risk, but it has forced pilots to do extensive work to ensure flight safety. has done.

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