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America will seek help from Japan to compete with China in semiconductor manufacturing

A new law has been introduced to increase computer chip manufacturing in America. US Vice President Kamala Harris said that the US government is looking for new investments and partnerships in this segment. He has sought help from Japan for this.

Associated Press’s Report According to the report, Harris, who was visiting Japan, focused on expanding the supply chain for semiconductor production and critical materials. He said that the major impact on the economy was detected due to interruptions in the supply of computer chips during the pandemic. This increased the cost of the industry and delayed the assembly of cars and other products. Harris said, “People in the US and Japan depend on many products that they often do not know that they require the use of computer chips.” In the past few months, China has increased investment in computer chips. The US is also trying to increase the production of semiconductors and for this technology partnerships are being made with Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

Harris said that America knows that no one country can meet the demands of the world and because of this, America and its allies need to work together. Under the Chips and Science Act passed in the US, $ 52 billion in grants and incentives will be given to semiconductor makers. Along with this, 25 percent tax credit will also be available for setting up plants in the US. A provision of about $ 200 billion has also been made in this act to help research in the next decade.

Recently, Vedanta, which was included in the global mining companies, has semiconductor It was decided to start the project. For this project, Vedanta has signed a $20 billion joint venture with Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer Foxconn. Vedanta will have a major stake in this joint venture. The company had sought financial subsidy from Gujarat and electricity at low prices for setting up a semiconductor plant. Vedanta had sought about 1,000 acres of land on a 99-year lease without cost. States like Maharashtra, Telangana and Karnataka were also in the race for this project.

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