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America, on the footsteps of India, banned TikTok; Shock given to China on New Year

Tiktok Banned in US: Tiktok Chinese app has been banned in America. But some people can use it. See in the news for complete details of the matter.

TikTok Banned in US: Chinese short video app Tiktok has been launched by everyone across the US. Federal Government Devices Has been banned from. But enforcement and national security agencies can use the app for security research purposes in exceptional cases. This decision means that about 4 million government employees will compulsorily have to remove Tiktok from mobile and other gadgets. There is a provision in Biden’s recently signed $1.7 trillion spending bill that bans the ByteDance-owned app.

Congress imposed ban on Tiktok

Tiktok spokesperson Brooke Oberwetter said she is disappointed that Congress’s move to ban Tiktok from government devices is just a political gesture that will do nothing to advance national security interests. He said that instead of promoting its national security, the administration has banned Tiktok to end it.

Tiktok banned in South Dakota

Notably, the decision comes alongside the policy of banning the app by several states across the country. South Dakota Governor Christi Noem got the ball rolling last month by issuing an executive order banning the use of the app. In a statement posted on Twitter, Noem said that South Dakota will have no part in the National Gathering operations of those who hate us. The same answer was later followed by Dakota, Alabama, Utah Maryland and Texas who followed suit.

FBI also gave the warning of data leak through the app

Earlier, the Federal Bureau of Investigation i.e. FBI also warned about data leakage through the app. Director Christopher Wray told a House panel that the potential Chinese government access to users’ data or software through the app is a cause for extra concern.

Ray said that the ByteDance app embeds specific application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow Beijing to control the data collection of millions of users or control the recommended algorithms.

The campaign against the Chinese app was started by former President Donald Trump. However, after Biden came to power, he withdrew Trump’s executive orders demanding a ban on Tiktok downloads.


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