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America gave another chance, removed names of 90 foreigners trapped in OPT fraud from the blacklist.

US News: A US District Court has approved lifting the ban on more than 90 foreign nationals. There are many people among them who are Indian citizens. All these people were blacklisted because of their connection with the OPT scam.

According to Hindustan Times report, all these people were caught after being linked to Optional Practical Training (OPT) fraud. After this, these people were banned from re-entering America. Along with this, he was also refused a visa. However, now the court has ordered to lift the ban on all 90 foreign nationals.

The student narrated his ordeal

A student involved in OPT fraud shared his past experience. According to a student from Chennai, he had worked in a company for some time, which was later blacklisted. During this time, he went to his home for some time and when he returned to America, he was returned by American Customs officials. After this he had to face serious consequences.

What did attorney Jesse Blass say

What is Optional Practical Training (OPT)?

Let us tell you that Optional Practical Training, which is also called OPT. OPT enables foreign students to gain work experience in the US, with STEM students having the option of a two-year extension. According to Open Doors report, out of 270,000 Indian students in the US during 2022-23, 69,000 students were selected in OPT.

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