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AMD X670 chipset may be inconvenient for mini-ITX boards

Some information has appeared on the net about the AMD X670 system logic set, designed for next generation AMD Ryzen processors.

AMD is developing chipsets in partnership with Taiwanese firm ASMedia, the source said. They usually design several types of chipsets covering the lower, middle and upper segments. This time, it is alleged, it was decided to use a very ingenious trick – the top-level chipset will actually be a pair of two mid-level chipsets.

In other words, the AMD X670 chip will be built on the principle of a multi-chip module. The mid-range B650 package will have one die, and the X670 package will have two of the same die. This will reduce development and manufacturing costs while providing the necessary differentiation in functionality.

The negative point in this case is the large size of the microcircuit, because of which it will be more difficult to place it on Mini-ITX boards.

The source reminds that so far this is unverified information, which should be taken with a great deal of skepticism.


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