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AMD fixes Windows 10 and 11 freezing issue on Ryzen systems with fTPM enabled

AMD has been silent for more than a month about system freeze issues on Windows 10 and 11 with fTPM enabled. This is a trusted computing software module for the AM4 platform with Ryzen processors. Activating fTPM for many users led to periodic system freezes. AMD today released an update to the AGESA libraries to address the issue and provided a number of tips to fix it immediately.

To use the fTPM trusted computing feature, the AMD processor calls an immutable secure key from the BIOS block. According to the company, the first implementation of the firmware was flawed: for a number of system configurations, AMD Ryzen processors “may periodically perform fTPM-related extended memory transactions in the SPI flash memory (SPIROM) located on the motherboard, which can lead to temporary pauses in interactivity or response of the system until the completion of the transaction.

To solve the problem, AMD provided updated libraries to motherboard manufacturers. It is expected that new BIOS versions for AM4 motherboards will be available in May, after extensive testing of updated firmware by manufacturers. The latest motherboard software will be based on AMD AGESA 1207 (or newer).

To fix the problem immediately (other than simply disabling the fTPM feature), you need to purchase a discrete TPM 2.0 module and switch to using it. The fTPM feature is disabled in the BIOS, and the TPM 2.0 physical module will take control. The pitfalls of this method are that the module must sometimes be purchased for a lot of money, and not all motherboards and the vast majority of laptops have connectors and support for installing such modules.

You also need to be careful when transferring data when switching from fTPM to TPM. The files can then be irretrievably corrupted. The company recommends that you back up your data prior to switching and make the switch with encryption mechanisms disabled. This will probably need to be kept in mind also when updating the BIOS of motherboards when they become available in May or later.






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