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AMD figured out why Ryzen 7000s are on fire. The company released an AGESA update that limits SoC voltage to 1.3V

AMD has already made the second statement in two days regarding the fire problem of Ryzen 7000 processors.
In the first, the company noted that it was investigating the causes and urged all victims to contact the company to resolve warranty issues. But the second statement is more interesting, we give it in full:


We have fixed the cause of the problem and are already distributing a new version of AGESA that contains restrictions on certain power lines on AM5 motherboards to prevent the processor from going beyond its specification, including limiting the SoC voltage to 1.3V. None of these changes affect on the ability of our Ryzen 7000 processors to overclock memory using EXPO or XMP settings, or boost performance using PBO technology.

We expect all of our partners to release new BIOSes for their AM5 motherboards within the next few days. We recommend that all users visit the motherboard manufacturer’s website and update their BIOS to ensure that the system has the latest CPU software installed.


In general, with this statement, AMD confirmed that the problem is indeed in excessive overvoltage when the EXPO profile is activated. We have already discussed in detail about cascade of events that causes the processor to burn in such cases.
Another interesting point: despite the fact that all known cases of burnout and processor failure are associated with the Ryzen 7000X3D CPU, AMD talks about the Ryzen 7000 line – this is an indirect confirmation that the problem is equally acute for both regular Ryzen 7000 and for Ryzen 7000X3D. So it is better to install a BIOS update for absolutely all users of the CPU line.


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