Friday, April 19, 2024
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AMD announced its analogue NVIDIA DLSS based on AI algorithms

AMD already has FSR upscaling technology to improve gaming performance, but it is inferior to the competition because it does not use artificial intelligence algorithms. AMD CTO Mark Papermaster shared the company’s plans for 2024 – according to him, the current situation will soon change.


According to the top manager, 2024 will be very important for the company in terms of implementing AI developments. He stated that AMD has already made several products based on artificial intelligence and will show them soon. One of the new products will be image scaling technology using AI.

“2024 is a huge year for us because we have spent many years developing artificial intelligence hardware and software. We have just completed AI development across our entire portfolio, including cloud, edge, PC, our embedded and gaming gadgets. Now we’re allowing our gaming devices to scale [image] with AI, and 2024 will be the year of large-scale deployment [of this development]…,” Papermaster told reporters.

It is noteworthy that the quote mentions not only software, but also hardware AI tools. NVIDIA’s DLSS is powered by tensor cores, so it is likely that AMD will also equip next-generation video cards with such components. It is not yet known whether the updated version of FSR will remain an open technology, or whether AMD will “tie” it to its hardware, similar to its competitor.


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