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Ambassador Car 1972 Price viral on social media, Anand Mahindra was also surprised

Anand Mahindra Ambassador price: Recently, Anand Mahindra shared a picture of the price of an Ambassador car from 1972, causing it to go viral on social media.

Ambassador Car 1972 Price:  The Ambassador car is a well-remembered vehicle in India, used by politicians and administration officials alike. Hindustan Motors introduced it in 1957, modeled after a British car. It was popular until the 1980s, but its popularity declined with the arrival of Maruti Suzuki. Production was ceased in 2014, yet it is still regarded as a symbol of prestige.

This was the price of Ambassador
Recently a picture of the price of Ambassador car in the year 1972 is going viral on social media. The special thing is that this picture has been posted by Anand Mahindra. In this, a news of January 25, 1972 has been shown 50 years ago. The headline of the news is, “The price of cars increased.” On reading this news, it is known that in the year 1972, the price of Ambassador had increased by Rs 127 to Rs 16,946. Everyone is surprised to hear this price. Anand Mahindra himself has also said the same thing.

Anand Mahindra was shocked
and wrote in his tweet, “This has immersed me in ‘Sunday memories’. I was in JJ college at that time. Used to go by bus, but my mother sometimes gave me her blue Fiat car. Allowed to run. Although I can hardly believe that it cost so much at the time.”

People still found it expensive
Commenting on the post, a user wrote, “In 1972 my father bought an ambassador car for Rs 18000 on road.” Another user said, “It’s expensive.” At the same time, other users expressed concern over the falling value of the rupee in India. One user wrote, “I can see how the currency has depreciated over time. Today in 15,000, you get two car tyres. But the same 15,000 if kept in gold, would have got you a car.” .” 


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