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Ambani-Adani will be face to face for the first time in 5G auction, there is no direct competition yet

Ambani-Adani: Billionaire industrialists Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani have avoided direct competition over the years, despite the expansion of their business empires. Now for the first time, the two will face each other during the spectrum auction for 5G telecom services later this month. Despite the rivalry between the two politically well-connected Gujarati businessmen, the market between them will not see an outright confrontation.

Adani Group will also fight for 5G spectrum
The Adani Group on Saturday confirmed that it is in the race to get telecom spectrum, but said it will use telecom spectrum as a private network to support its businesses ranging from airports. “We are participating in the 5G spectrum auction to provide private network solutions as well as enhanced cyber security across airports, ports and logistics, power generation, transmission, distribution and various manufacturing operations,” said a statement from the Adani Group. Huh.” This means that the Adani Group will not enter the consumer mobile telephony space, where Ambani’s Reliance Jio is the largest company.

Incidentally, telcos strongly opposed any direct allocation of spectrum to non-telecom entities for setting up private captive networks. He said that this would seriously affect his business. These companies wanted non-telecom companies to lease spectrum from them or set up private captive networks for them. But the government decided in favor of private networks.

5G spectrum auction on July 26
Applications to participate in the auction of these spectrum capable of providing extremely high-speed internet connectivity such as 5th generation or 5G telecommunications services closed on Friday with at least four applicants. This auction is to be held on July 26.

Know which companies are competing between
Three private companies in the telecom sector – Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea – have applied for the auction. The fourth applicant is the Adani Group. The group had recently acquired licenses for National Long Distance (NLD) and International Long Distance (ILD). The auction of telecom spectrum is commencing from July 26, 2022 and during this a total of 72,097.85 MHz spectrum will be offered for at least Rs 4.3 lakh crore.

Ambani and Adani Group
Both Ambani and Adani are from Gujarat and have formed large business conglomerates. However, till now the two had not had a direct face-to-face in any business.
Ambani’s business has expanded from oil and petrochemicals to telecommunications and retail, while Adani has expanded from ports to coal, power distribution and aviation. However, some say that the interests of the two are becoming much wider, and now the stage is set for a conflict between them. Another source said that they will face each other in the spectrum auction, but still there will be no direct competition on the ground.

No direct competition between Adani-Ambani
Adani has formed a subsidiary company in recent months to enter the petrochemicals business. Ambani, on the other hand, has also announced several billion dollar plans in the energy business. Where is the direct competition between them? Adani will be desalination of sea water for use in electrolyzers to produce green hydrogen, while Ambani is looking to carbon-free his oil business, a source said.

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