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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos gave $100 million award to famous singer Dolly Parton

Jeff Bezos Gives Courage and Civility Award: Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and included in the list of the world’s richest people, has recently made a big announcement. He has decided to give ‘Courage and Civility Award’ to American singer, actress and philanthropist Dolly Parton. Through this award, Jeff Bezos will give a full $100 million reward to Dolly Parton. The actress can donate this reward money to any charity. Dolly Parton is known for social service. In the year 1988, she had laid the foundation of ‘The Dollywood Foundation’, through which she helps millions of children so that they can be helped in studies. Apart from this, he also helped people a lot in the Corona epidemic.

Jeff Bezos said this thing about Dolly Parton
Announcing the ‘Courage and Civility Award’, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his partner Lauren Sanchez have announced this award together. Giving information about Dolly Parton, Jeff Bezos said that she gives 100% of her efforts for charity work. The way she does this work with heart and love is worthy of praise. His efforts for the children cannot be forgotten.

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Parton thanks Jeff Bezos
After the announcement of this award, 76-year-old American singer, businesswoman and social worker Dolly Parton thanked Jeff Bezos and said that I want to thank Jeff Bezos for giving me the Courage and Civility Award. Along with this, she said that I always do charity from the heart. This time I will spend this 100 million dollars according to my heart. It is worth noting that Dolly Parton is very famous all over the world for her charity.

Jeff Bezos announced to donate most of his wealth to charity
Earlier, Jeff Bezos has recently announced that he will donate most of his wealth to charity during his lifetime. Let us tell you that according to media reports, his net worth is around $124. Before this, Jeff Bojas has always been criticized for not doing much charity work despite being the owner of such a huge wealth. Jeff Bezos has been focusing on charity work since he resigned as Amazon’s president last year.

He has recently donated $ 10 billion to the Earth Fund, an organization working for climate change. Apart from this, he has announced a grant of $200 million to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to work in space technology.


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