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Amazon stops sale of seatbelt alarm blockers after Gadkari’s warning

Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce companies, has removed the listings of seatbelt alarm blockers from its platform. These blockers set off the alarm for the seatbelts in the cars. The company said that this product will not be available for sale on its website. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari had asked the company to stop the sale of such blockers. After the death of former Tata Sons chairman and big businessman Cyrus Mistry in an accident, the government has planned to implement strict rules regarding road safety.

Seatbelt alarm blocks are used to set off the alarm that alerts the passengers in the car to wear the seatbelt. It is like a seatbelt clip that is fitted into the slot to turn off the alarm. Amazon told Reuters Told That it is taking strict action against those selling such products in violation of the law. Gadgets 360 has not found these products on Amazon’s website. Gadkari on Wednesday said he has asked Amazon to stop selling seatbelt alarm blockers.

There are reports that while traveling in the car, Mistry, who was seated in the back seat, did not wear a seatbelt. Responding to this, Gadkari had said that there is a need to change the mindset of the people to increase road safety. He said, “People think that those in the back seat do not need seatbelts. This is a problem. Those in both the front and back seats need to wear seat belts. I traveled in the cars of four chief ministers. I was in the front seat and I came to know that there is a clip which does not sound the alarm if I do not use the belt. I have banned such clips.”

The road transport ministry is taking the help of Bollywood actors, cricketers and media to raise awareness about this. Gadkari had told that all cars It is working on making six airbags mandatory for “Automobile companies install six airbags for exporting these cars,” he said.

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