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Amazon Astro home robot with smart display shown in action [VIDEO]

Introduced last year, the Astro robot began to go on sale – and videos with the original device began to appear on the network. As it turned out, some buyers found him an unusual application that goes beyond the standard tasks for such a technique.

An entertaining video featuring Astro was posted by one of its owners. The video demonstrates the non-obvious function of a smart assistant – the delivery of a foamy drink inside the house. At the same time, the robot did not just drive along a given route, but independently found the right person, whose name was given to him. Another video shows the device following a user it doesn’t recognize, making continuous video recording.

The Amazon Astro retail price is $1449. The robot with a declared autonomy of up to 2 hours is equipped with a small “trunk” and is capable of carrying up to 2 kg of cargo, as well as performing the functions of a smart display. Now it is sold in a limited edition under the terms of “early access” – after the software is finalized, the company intends to release it to the consumer market.

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