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Amazing! She loves pink color so much, this female driver even made her truck pink

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This truck driver is famous as ‘Romanian Barbie’ (Photo: Instagram/georgeta.pisy)

It is often seen that while blue is the favorite color of most men, pink is the favorite color of women. Well, it is a matter of personal choice, but there are some people who are possessed by a ‘ghost’ of colors and they become so crazy that they start destroying everything from their house to their vehicles. Get it colored in your favorite colour. One such woman is in the news these days, who is so haunted by the ghost of pink that she has even got her car painted pink both inside and outside.

The name of this woman is Georgetta. 35 year old Georgeta, a resident of Romania, is a truck driver. She is also called ‘Romanian Barbie’. According to a website called Oddity Central, she went viral in her country this week when pictures of her and her pink truck started going viral on social media. Although Georgeta has been driving trucks for the last 12 years and does most of the work in Spain, but recently when she came home, she bought a truck of her own and started working for herself.

Passes time with pet cats

According to reports, she spends most of her time in the truck. That’s why she spent a lot of time and money transforming the truck into a cozy space that reflects her passion for the color pink. Since she is alone for hours while driving, she has kept two pet cats to pass the time, which have now become the stars of her TikTok channel.

This is how I started truck driving

Georgetta says, ‘When I first started driving trucks, I cut my hair short and started wearing men’s clothes, but then later I changed my style’. She says that a woman needs to remember that she is a woman regardless of her profession, she needs to look attractive all the time.

Truck driving after studying management

According to reports, Georgetta has studied management in college, but she is driving a truck. She says that during school she worked in various shops to support herself and even tried her hand at hair styling and makeup, but she really discovered her passion when He signed up for truck driving school. Now more than a decade has passed since he has been driving trucks and he is very happy with his work.

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