Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Amazing! Man even trained a fly, it was seen flying on signals, video going viral

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Fly seen flying on man’s signals

There are many such animals in the world which have been domesticated by humans. Dogs and cats are common. People keep these animals all over the world, because it is easy to train them i.e. teach them anything and they are also loyal towards humans. Although some people take the trouble to keep dangerous animals like lion and tiger, while there are some people who have kept birds like hawk, pigeon and parrot as their pets, but have you ever heard that someone has kept a fly? Have you also made it a pet? Yes, a video related to this is going viral on social media, which has surprised everyone.

Actually, in this video, a fly is seen flying and sitting here and there on the signals of a person. It seems as if the person has made the fly a pet and has trained it as per his wish. In the video you can see that the fly is sitting on a plastic token and during this a person gestures and asks it to come near his finger. Then what, the fly quickly goes near his finger. After this, wherever the person calls him, he flies there and reaches his finger. Then a token is placed at the end and the fly keeps pushing that token forward while flying. People can’t believe after seeing this scene.

watch the video

This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID named @TheFigen_. This video of just 20 seconds has been viewed 39 million i.e. more than 3.9 crore times so far, while more than 2 lakh 47 thousand people have liked the video.

At the same time, after watching the video, people have given different types of reactions. Someone is saying that ‘this does not seem true at all’, while someone is saying that ‘this video has definitely been edited’.

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