Monday, March 4, 2024

Amazing: Got the novel written by ChatGPT, got the Best Novel Award, later revealed it himself

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ChatGPT needs no introduction today. ChatGPT is being used on a large scale in many countries of the world today. Some are taking ideas from ChatGPT and some are asking for diet plans from it and are also successful in losing weight, but ChatGPT can be used to such an extent that the jury can be cheated. Yes, you read it right. A writer got his entire novel written through ChatGPT and the most surprising thing is that this novel has also received an award.

This incident happened in Japan. Japanese author Rei Kudan has received one of Japan’s most prestigious literary awards for her novel “The Tokyo Tower of Sympathy”, although in her acceptance speech after receiving the award she admitted that AI (ChatGPT) helped her write the novel. Played a huge role.

According to CNN report, 33-year-old Kudan was awarded the Akutagawa Prize for this novel. According to Kudan, 5 percent of the words in this book have been given by AI. He has also taken the help of ChatGPT for the theme of this book.

Author and award committee member, Keiichiro Hirano, shared a post on X in which he wrote that Rei Kudan’s use of AI should not be seen as an issue. Hirano clarified that if you read it, you’ll see that generic AI was mentioned in the work. Although there may be concerns about its future use, this is not the case with ‘Tokyo Sympathy Tower’.

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