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Amazing feature in Instagram, users will be able to manage the feed themselves

A new feature has been added to Instagram Feed. Now users can control their Insta feed through two new methods, Followings and Favorites. These two new modes of the app will allow the user to control their feed at their own pace.

Instagram has announced two new features for Feed Preferences. In his blog post, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said that through two new methods, Favorites and Following, users will be able to set the preference of their Insta feed. In the blog post, the company said that with these two new methods, the user will get the best user experience in this photo and video sharing app of Meta. Also, users will see only the items and posts they like in the feed. 

According to the statement of the blog post , the Instagram feed of the user is a mixture of short videos of photos and reels . The feed shows the user the profiles they follow, suggested posts, etc. Due to these two new methods – Favorites and Following, the user will get a new experience of accessing the recent posts. 

Image: Instagram

The latest posts from the ones users keep on their Instagram Favorites will appear in the feed. Suppose a user has put one of his best friends and creators in the favorite list, then in the Instagram feed, the user will see the latest content of his best friends and creators. At the same time, the posts of the profiles followed by the user in the following will appear in chronological order. That is, the most recent posts from the creators followed by the user or other users will appear first.

Instagram users will be able to select these two new methods – Favorites and Following – from the top left corner of the app.

  • For this, the Instagram user has to first go to the home page of the app.
  • After this, two tabs of Favorites and Following will appear in the top left corner.
  • Users can choose the option of their choice in both these lists. Talking about which the user will see the contents of the list in the Instagram feed, which the user has selected.

Users will be able to add 50 accounts to the Favorites list. Also, users can modify or change this list according to their choice. Feeds from the Favorites list will be displayed at the top of the user’s home Insta feed. After this, the feeds of the following accounts and other users will be shown.

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