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Amazing Feat of Chinese Scientists! ‘Armour’ Installed on Space Station 450km Above Earth – Watch Video

Chinese scientists have achieved a remarkable feat by installing a protective shield on their Tiangong space station, orbiting 450 kilometers above the Earth. This innovative shield is designed to safeguard the space station from damage caused by space debris.

Protecting Tiangong from Space Debris

China continues to make significant advancements in space exploration. To protect the Tiangong space station, operational for the past year, Chinese scientists have equipped it with a specialized shield. This shield will guard the station against the harmful effects of space debris. On July 3, astronauts Ye Guangfu and Li Kang worked outside the Tiangong station for approximately six and a half hours to install this crucial protection. Their colleague, Li Guangsu, supported the mission from inside the station. All three astronauts are part of the Shenzhou 18 mission.

Details of the Shield Installation

The primary task of the July 3 mission was to install protective measures on the laboratory section of the space station. According to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, this involved securing various instruments, including cables and pipelines, with safety devices. These measures will help ensure the long-term safety and operational efficiency of the space station.


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Previous Spacewalks and Precautions

This is not the first time Chinese astronauts have undertaken such a mission. On May 28, astronauts Ye Guangfu and Li Guangsu performed an 8.5-hour spacewalk outside the Tiangong station. During this spacewalk, they installed a space debris protection device and inspected other instruments. This precautionary measure was deemed necessary after the station’s solar arrays suffered damage from space debris, partially interrupting the power supply.

Historical Context and Achievements

The Tiangong space station orbits at an altitude between 340 to 450 kilometers from Earth. The first team of astronauts reached Tiangong in 2021, spending 90 days there to complete the first part of the space station. The second and third units of the station were launched in the subsequent years, continuing China’s ambitious space endeavors.


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