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Amazing 5G: 1GB file will be downloaded in less than 1 minute! Full network will also be available in the basement

New Delhi. The auction process of 5G spectrum in the country has been completed. Now customers feel that 5G service will be rolled out in India soon. But in such a situation, the question arises that how much will the 5G technology network work. Yes, let us tell you that 5G technology is a type of wireless connectivity, in which electromagnetic spectrum ie radio wave is used. Here we are telling you in detail about 5G technology.

What is Radio Webs:
The number of times a radio web changes itself in a given time is called wave frequency. This frequency is measured in hertz. Let us tell you that the amount of time it takes for a radio wave to come back is its wavelength. At the same time, when the frequency of radio waves is increased, their wavelength decreases. In such a situation, when the frequency is high, the waves move rapidly from one place to another. This means that radio webs are unable to remove many layers due to the short wavelength. On the other hand, radio waves can travel a long distance even at low speed when the frequency is low and the wavelength is high.

Fast Connectivity
Internet is available on the lower frequency band in comparison to 4G in 1G, 2G, 3G service. In such a situation, the speed of 1G, 2G, 3G is less, but the coverage is more. Due to this, 2G or 3G internet connectivity with slow speed is available in remote areas. But in 4G service, internet is usually available on the higher frequency band. Due to this fast connectivity is available, but connectivity is less in a far away place or in a surrounded place. Due to this, there is no talk on 4G network in closed rooms or basements. Let us tell you that they are removed from 5G technology. High-frequency internet in a connection with 5G technology will be better than 4G in both speed and coverage. Some time back it was said that with 5G connectivity a 1 GB file will be downloaded in less than 1 minute.

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