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Amazfit Body Composition Mat smart mat priced at €39

The Amazfit brand has introduced a new product designed to track health. This is an unusual Body Composition Mat with “medical” sensors, for its full operation you will need a branded smartwatch released last year.


According to the manufacturer, the accessory collects detailed data on body composition using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology. To do this, the user just needs to stand for some time on the electrodes, which create safe electrical impulses.

According to the specification, the new product can determine eight key health indicators – body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, body index, skeletal muscle condition, water content, protein level and basal metabolic rate.

Amazfit claims that the combined analysis of upper and lower body data (mat plus Amazfit Balance watch) significantly improves the accuracy of health analysis. Users can view monitoring results in the mobile application. At the same time, the brand emphasizes that the device is not intended for full medical diagnosis or treatment.


The price of the Amazfit Body Composition Mat, which is preparing to launch sales in Italy and France, is €39.90 euros; there is no information yet on availability in other regions.


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