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Alzheimer Treatment: New options can cure Alzheimer’s! researchers engaged in research

Alzheimer’s disease is a matter of concern worldwide. Its patients are increasing rapidly. More than 55 million people worldwide suffer from dementia, of which Alzheimer’s is the most common type. According to Alzheimer Disease International, this number is projected to nearly double by 2030 when the figure will reach 78 million. And by 2050 the number of these patients is estimated to reach 13.9 crores. The burden of this disease is seen more in low-income countries. Currently, about 60 percent of dementia cases are found in such countries. This figure is estimated to reach 71% by 2050.

Some controversies that have arisen recently about this disease are forcing scientists to think again. There is a need to think differently from the theories that were prevalent till now. A 2006 study linking beta-amyloid protein to the cause of Alzheimer’s Study Investigation is going on. This also raises doubts about the effect of Aducanumab. It is an FDA-approved drug that targets beta-amyloid. Which is considered to be the cause of Alzheimer’s. A sure cure for Alzheimer’s has not been found yet, while the disease is affecting millions of people.

Researchers are now turning to alternative theories. Some say that this disease is caused by impaired functioning of mitochondria. Mitochondria are called the power house of the cell. At the same time, some researchers say that it arises due to bacteria or metal related reasons. The research being done in a new direction on the disease is also raising new hopes. Global dementia now demands innovative solutions. The report says that a new case is emerging every 3 seconds. Therefore, the need for effective treatment and support system has increased even more.

What is Alzheimer’s?
alzheimer’s disease Brain In which the person’s memory starts decreasing and the ability to do other important tasks with the help of the brain also decreases. It is said that in this the brain cells get entangled with each other and become weak. The person starts forgetting things. The patient starts getting confused. Till now a permanent cure has not been found but the symptoms can be improved with the help of medicines. This improvement is temporary.


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