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Almost a billion people use 5G in China

Recently, three Chinese mobile operators published fresh data on the number of users of fifth generation networks.

As of the end of July, China Mobile’s total customers were 971.1 million, of which 523.7 million were 5G users (penetration rate of 53.9%), and the cumulative net growth this year was 136.9 million. .

China Telecom has 386.1 million customers, including 237.3 million 5G users (61.5% penetration rate), with a cumulative net increase of 49.53 million this year. China Unicom has 813.9 million customers , of which 190.0 million are 5G package users (23.3% penetration rate), up 25.053 million compared to the end of February.

The three companies have a total of 987 million 5G package users with an overall penetration rate of 45.5%.

Have you experienced the benefits of 5G yet?

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