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All Russian sellers of the iPhone 14 were accused of violating the law. They don’t have permission to sell

The Russian Association of Trade Companies and Producers of Electrical Household and Computer Equipment (RATEK), which includes Sony, Huawei, Intel and other companies, said that new smartphone models, including the iPhone 14, “cannot legally circulate on the Russian market” if did not receive a number of documents.
We are talking about certificates, declarations and a special notification on the characteristics of encryption (cryptographic) means and goods of the EAEU or the conclusion of the Center for Licensing, Certification and Protection of State Secrets of the FSB. A RATEK representative said that he did not know a single seller who received these documents to sell the iPhone 14.
According to RBC, there is also no information on the issuance of documents for new iPhone models in the Unified Register of Notifications of the EAEU. M.Video said they plan to receive the relevant documents:

We believe that even within the framework of the current situation, goods must enter our stores in compliance with all requirements of the current legislation, payment of the necessary duties and taxes,” he added. — All products entering the sale are original, have supporting documents and pass the necessary customs procedures.

At the moment, Ozon and Yandex.Market are already selling the iPhone 14. Other marketplaces and chain stores will start selling in October.

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