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All new cars in the European Union are now required to be equipped with a smart speed limiter, which in some cases will automatically slow down

Recently, new regulations came into force in the European Union requiring automakers to equip new cars with an intelligent speed limiting system – Intelligent Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčAssistance (ISA). According to experts’ forecasts, the introduction of this system can reduce road deaths by 26-50%.
The rules came into force on July 7, but only for completely new cars. That is, if some automaker launches a new model on the market, it should already have the same ISA system, but the models already present can not be updated yet.
But for now, since from July 2024 all new cars sold in the EU must be equipped with ISA, that is, companies will have to add the appropriate systems to their current cars as part of restyling.

The introduction of ISA is a huge step forward in road safety and can significantly reduce road traffic injuries and deaths. Automakers now have the opportunity to maximize the potential of ISA to create safer roads for all


ISA is a set of systems and functions related to rate limiting. For example, a car camera on a certain section of the road sees a sign with a speed limit of 100 km / h, after which the system must respond to this sign. And there are several options for how the car will react: from a beep and vibration to a forced speed drop. How exactly the car will behave will be decided by each manufacturer independently, but at least there will be a sound signal. At the same time, of course, if we are talking about speed control by ISA, the driver will be able to cancel the system simply by pressing the gas.
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