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Alien Alert! US Army seeing many UFOs, hundreds of cases reported in 2022

In July this year, a new Pentagon office was created in the US to report cases of Unidentified Flying Objects ie UFOs. This office has received hundreds of reports related to UFOs. According to information, hundreds of UFO sightings have been reported by US military personnel to the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). However, it has been clarified by AARO that they have not found any evidence of alien life yet.  

According to the news of a news agency , this office is responsible for tracking the UFOs seen in the sky as well as in water and space. New cases of UFO sightings have been reported by US Army, Navy and Air Force personnel. Reports have been told about UFO, UAP etc. 

AARO’s job is to investigate UFO cases reported by the US military. AARO’s job is to investigate any object that is visible in space, in the air, on land, in the sea or under the sea and cannot be identified. Although the Pentagon had told in November itself that it has resolved many reports related to UFOs and most of the UFOs are expected to be potential drones of China and Russia. As per the information, AARO is likely to come out with a detailed report soon regarding its investigation carried out this year.   

noteworthyIt is said that the biggest debate about UFOs in the world takes place in America. Many MPs there, common citizens also accept the existence of UFOs and aliens. America is also working on protecting itself from UFOs and its associated threats. Top aerospace engineers and scientists there are working to protect people from UFOs. A project is being started in America, under which UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) will be studied. The US administration is beginning to acknowledge that UAPs and UFOs pose a security threat to military and commercial aircraft. The new project aims to reduce that risk.   

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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and NASA have established three committees to study a technology that will understand how intrusion affects the safety of pilots and passengers. Ryan Graves, a former Navy fighter pilot involved in the committee, said that we are stepping into a new area.


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