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“Alice” became even smarter and learned to “listen to silence”

Yandex has released a major update for the Alice voice assistant as part of smart speakers. There are many innovations in it – from expanded support for audiobooks and the introduction of the crossfade function to the ability to perform various smart home scenarios without a voice command.


After the update, “Alice” learned to report the status of an order in the VkusVill chain of stores, remember where playback stopped in audiobooks from Bookmate, and start playing the current chapter from the beginning. In addition, the voice assistant can now smoothly end a track while simultaneously starting to play another (crossfade). 

At the same time, it became possible to choose on which speakers the installed reminders can be played. A new trigger for automated scripts has also appeared: “Alice” can execute them if she does not hear the user for some time. For example, after half an hour of silence, the lights in the house will be turned off. Another innovation is compliments and wisdom of the day in The Morning Show. 


The list of Duo Max Station skills has also expanded. Now on YouTube you can select a video, rewind it and go to your viewing history contactlessly using your voice. In addition, there are new light reactions for Alice, an updated design of the keyboard and weather widget, as well as a function for changing the screen brightness by voice command.


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