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Alert: Threat to WhatsApp users! This one mistake will make you a pauper in a moment

Cybercriminals are again targeting WhatsApp users. This time the matter has become more dangerous, because fraudsters are collecting personal information of users using SIM-swapping technique. Through this, he is stealing the money present in the bank account of the users. Meta Owned by WhatsApp, it is used by millions of users around the world. In such a situation, this special WhatsApp trick adopted by fraud (WhatsApp Tricks) can affect millions of users.

WhatsApp has always been a target of online scammers due to its worldwide popularity. There has been a significant increase in the number of stolen accounts in the last one year. The number of phishing and ransomware attacks on the WhatsApp messaging platform has seen an increase of about 120 percent. A report by cyber security firm Kaspersky has revealed how cybercriminals are targeting people. Here we are telling you that cybercriminals clone your WhatsApp number.

What is SIM-swapping technology?
This technique called SIM-swapping which is putting more than 2 billion WhatsApp accounts at risk. In fact, this is a trick by scammers to break into the hard earned money of the users. How online scammers clone any WhatsApp phone number and assign it to a new SIM card. Once they have a cloned-SIM card of your number, they can easily access your contacts, passwords and bank account details.

Cybercriminals are using SIM-swapping tricks to gain access to users’ information. Many people get caught in the tricks of these criminals and share all their information themselves in a very short time. Let us tell you that even calling people from Fake Boots also reveals their personal information. When an attack occurs, the victim’s service is usually temporarily stopped for a few minutes. This is enough time for an online fraud to succeed in its trick.

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How to avoid SIM-swapping scams
Set up two-step authentication: Two-step verification of WhatsApp is very important. This extra layer of security will keep hackers away. To turn on two-step verification, you will have to go to your WhatsApp settings again. Then after that tap on Account. Here you will see two-step verification settings.

Do not click on suspicious links: Most of the malicious links come from a large group or unknown email or from unknown numbers on WhatsApp of users. All you have to do is save yourself from clicking on any malicious links. Even if you do not find it malicious to see such links, but still check its authenticity by looking at the URL.

urgent matter:
You must not share your personal and sensitive information with anyone. You should never share your personal or sensitive information with anyone even if they claim to be from a trusted institution. You should always verify their authenticity.


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