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Alert: SBI warns millions of customers not to receive calls from ‘Ya’ numbers

New Delhi: The incidence of online fraud has increased dramatically in the last few days. Cyber ​​criminals They are looking for different ways to deceive the citizens. Banks also warn their customers about this from time to time. Now State Bank of India has once again warned its account holders. The bank has warned citizens against fake phone calls. According to SBI, the number of fake calls has increased significantly, causing huge losses to account holders. The bank has also provided information on some mobile numbers. Also, do not pick up if you get a call on these numbers.

SBI has said that calls from +918294710946 and +917362951973 should not be stopped. The bank is working for the safety of its customers. SBI Has warned account holders about this by tweeting from their official Twitter account. The bank has advised its account holders not to pick up calls from certain mobile numbers. This number is being used for phishing scams. Also, fraud is being perpetrated in the name of the bank. Under the guise of KYC update by becoming a fake officer Phishing Attack Being done.

The incidence of online fraud has increased. SBI has warned consumers by tweeting. Therefore, if the call comes from fake numbers, such call should not be received. Meanwhile, during phishing attacks, people are sent links via e-mail, messages and WhatsApp. After clicking on this link, the user’s phone is remote controlled and all the private and bank related information in the phone is stolen. Users use this information to empty bank accounts. So beware of such unknown numbers and dangerous links. Also, no one should share information regarding bank account and OTP.


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