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ALERT! Millions of Android smartphones are in danger, hackers are taking support of media files

Android Smartphones The company is constantly facing threats from one or the other security flaws, and now another new problem has been detected. Let us know that most of the smartphones work on Qualcomm and MediaTek chipsets. According to the report, about 67% of Android smartphones were at risk of security attack due to security flaws in the audio format of the phone. This week, researchers at Check Point Research reported that even though it was fixed with a patch last year, millions of Android smartphones could still be prone to the problem, putting users at risk. Was.

Its researchers discovered a problem with the Apple Lossless Audio Codec, or ALAC, that Apple allowed non-Apple devices to open to affected music quality for streaming. People at Check Point Research reported that the use of flaws in ALAC files By doing this, attackers can perform Remote Code Execution (RCE) attacks on the device.

media files get affected
This type of attack enables the attacker to gain access to your smartphone’s camera, and can even infect any media file with malware, becoming a threat to the future.

Check Point Research said that MediaTek and Qualcomm-equipped smartphones somehow ported the ALAC vulnerability to their audio decoder. The security issue was discovered by Slava Makaviev along with Netanel Ben Simon, who explained that the threat was serious and allows attackers to easily see everyone on the affected smartphone.

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It was told that the flaws could have been easily exploited. A threatening attacker could send a song (media file) and, when played by a potential victim, inject code into a privileged media service. The intimidator could only see what the mobile phone user sees on his phone.

Check Point Research had sent all the details about the flaw to MediaTek and Qualcomm, who in December last year took steps to fix the problem with their respective security patches.


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