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Alert! China’s cyber attack on India, beware of Wi-Fi router installed at home

Do you have a Wi-Fi router at home? If yes, then you may be a victim of Chinese hacking. In fact, China is always on the lookout for attacks against India on the border. But along with this, hackers supported by the Chinese government also try to harm Indians. Under this plan, Chinese hackers are targeting Indians with Wi-Fi routers. Let’s know about it in detail..TP-Link router most at risk
The Chinese are implanting dangerous Firmware in TP-Link routers. This Firmware Malware gains full control of the device. After this they execute the hacking incidents. According to the Check Point Research report, China’s state-sponsored cyber attack is carried out. According to the report, hackers carry out targeted attacks with weak and easy-to-guess passwords by detecting loopholes in routers.Other devices also at risk of hacking
According to Check Point Research, not only TP-Link routers but other devices can also be victims of such hacking incidents. The report states that people should regularly update their network devices to protect them from potential threats.

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how to defend
software update
Users should always update the software of the router from time to time, so that the router will be ready for the upcoming cyber attacks.
default credentials
Users should change the default login credentials. Also, the device should create a strong password to connect to Wi-Fi.


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