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Alert! 5 lakh will disappear in 5 seconds, a small mistake can be expensive while using a smartphone

New Delhi: Smartphone Mistakes By Users: Smartphones, Social Media and Internet are very important in today’s world. Banking or social media everyone needs internet everyday. But, the digital world is as useful as it is dangerous. It also has many disadvantages. Their seriousness is evident from the fact that sometimes even a small mistake can wipe out Rs 5 lakh from your account in just 5 seconds. how Let’s know in detail.

India has 84 crore internet users by the end of 2022, which is 60 percent of the total population. Every person spends about 2.5 hours connected to the Internet every day. It would not be wrong to say that we all have increased phone dependence, social media dependence and internet addiction. But, this has also increased the risk of cyber security. Due to Covid, online transactions have been boosted which has increased the incidence of cyber crimes.

Use of Skirware:

Through scareware, hackers send false alarms and warnings to victims. They are told that their system is infected with malware. Users are afraid of this warning and hastily install such software, which may be malware. Scareware is a malicious computer program used to encourage users to purchase or download unwanted programs. This makes your device infected with virus and all your details can go to hackers.

Fraud of users:

Often you have won the lottery or your name has come up in a lucky draw. Hackers often offer you such lures as well. They get your bank password, OTP or KYC details as soon as you come under their hood.

Precautions while using internet:

The best way to avoid online fraud cases is to be careful while using the internet. The most important way to avoid them is to keep yourself alert.

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