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Alena and Vadim successfully replace real employees. M.Video-Eldorado virtual assistants process a huge number of customer requests

According to M.Video-Eldorado, virtual assistants Alyona (M.Video) and Vadim (Eldorado) processed more than 3 million calls in 10 months of 2022, which exceeded the figure for the same period in 2021 by 35%. They already respond to more than 50% of all written customer inquiries.

During November, as part of Black Friday sales, the neural network will help to cope with a sharply increasing number of requests from buyers at no additional cost and with a high level of service. The customer satisfaction rate (CSI) from communication with bots has reached 95%, which is comparable to other forms of customer support.

Virtual assistants Alyona and Vadim recognize 98% of requests and imitate live communication in the “question-answer” format. Chatbots are connected on the websites of M.Video and Eldorado, in the applications of both networks, as well as in WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber messengers. In general, written communication is used by 45% of M.Video and Eldorado clients.

During the biggest Black Friday sale of the year, which will last in M.Video and Eldorado from November 1 to November 28, the robotic customer support system using artificial intelligence is preparing to process several hundred thousand requests, which is 1.5 times higher than the average monthly volume of requests in 2022.

Alena and Vadima can suggest the status of an order or appeal, tell about loyalty programs, the status of bonuses, current promotions, store hours, delivery details, the possibility of ordering a taxi, exchange, return and loan or installment procedures.

Alena can also see the customer’s shopping cart, order history and views, check the availability of goods, select the necessary accessories and recommend services. This year, Alyona learned how to send a check and make changes to the order, for example, extend the reserve, change the recipient, cancel the order and quickly select the most suitable alternatives from the catalog. Another innovation was the ability to independently select the date and time of installation of the purchased equipment with the corresponding service using the bot.

According to some scenarios, Alena and Vadim close more than half of the requests without involving employees. In particular, the provision of order status is automated by 45%, the extension of the shelf life of the order by 92%, the issuance of a check by 80%, the change of the recipient of the order by 70%, questions about the loyalty program by 60%.

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