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Ajay Devgan invested Rs 2.74 crore in this share, has given a profit of 944% in 1 year


Ajay Devgan’s investment

If you have seen the film Scam, you will definitely remember that dialogue. In which it is said that the stock market is a deep ocean. There is no limit to this. Perhaps that is why along with veteran traders and retail investors, Bollywood celebrities also invest money in it. Recently, there was news about the Bollywood megastar that he has made huge income from a penny stock.

Now news is coming that Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgan had bought shares worth Rs 2.7 crore of Panorama Studios International Company. Ajay Devgan holds 1 lakh equity shares of this smallcap company. The special thing is that this company has given a huge return of 944% in the past.

This is how the stock increased

The share of film production company Panorama Studios International was worth only Rs 94.60 about a year ago i.e. on March 6. Which has now reached close to Rs 988 by 11.26 am on March 4. Meaning a huge return of 944 percent in 1 year. In the last one year, this small cap stock has become a multibagger in no time. When Ajay Devgan invested in this company. Then he got 1 lakh equity shares at Rs 274 per share.

Ajay Devgan’s investment

Along with Ajay Devgan, 9 more people had invested money in this company which turned from small cap to multibagger. According to regulatory filing, Ajay Devgan had invested Rs 2.74 crore in this company. He got 1 lakh equity shares of this company. Ajay Devgan got these shares at the rate of Rs 274. This company, started in 1980, has made investors rich.

7000% return in 5 years

Not only Ajay Devgan, anyone who had invested in this company a year ago would have got a huge return of 944 percent. This is only for one year. Talking about the five year returns, in the last five years this company has given a whopping 7000 percent return to the investors. Five years ago the price of this share was only Rs 13.84, which has now increased to around Rs 988.



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