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Airtel’s New International Roaming Plans Unveiled

Airtel has launched new international roaming plans for travelers going abroad. These plans offer a variety of benefits and have been designed with convenience and affordability in mind. Let’s delve into the details…

Benefits of Airtel’s New International Roaming Plans

  1. More Data: Airtel’s international roaming plans provide ample data to keep you connected to the internet while traveling abroad.
  2. In-Flight Internet: Some plans include the option to access the internet during flights, ensuring connectivity even while airborne.
  3. 24-Hour Helpline Support: Airtel offers round-the-clock helpline support to assist travelers in need while abroad.

Airtel’s New International Roaming Plans

  • The most economical plan is priced at just ₹195 and is valid for one day. It includes 250MB data, 100 minutes of calling to and from India, and 100 free SMS.
  • Need a bit more data? Opt for the ₹295 plan, also valid for one day and offering 250MB data.
  • For those requiring more data and in-flight internet access, the ₹595 plan is ideal. Valid for one day, it offers 1GB data along with in-flight internet access.

Extended Validity Plans:

  • The ₹2,997 plan is valid for one year and includes 2GB data, 100 minutes of free calling, and 20 free SMS throughout the year.
  • If you require more data for a shorter duration, consider the ₹2,998 plan. Valid for 30 days, it offers 5GB data and 200 minutes of free calling.
  • Planning a short trip of 5 days? The ₹755 plan is tailored for you. Valid for 5 days, it includes 1GB data but does not offer calling facilities.

These diverse plans cater to a range of travel durations and data requirements, ensuring Airtel users can stay connected effortlessly while abroad.


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