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Airtel Vs Jio: 4,000 GB of data, membership of studio apps, see who pays you more or less benefits

New Delhi: Nowadays telecom companies are also offering Fibernet or Broadband Connection along with simple prepaid and postpaid plans. Such popular companies today Jio And Airtel Learn about broadband connections and decide which of the two plans is best for you. Jio Fiber Plans: The plan we are going to talk about today is priced at Rs. In which you will be given a total of 3,300 GB internet at 30 Mbps speed, this plan does not include any OTT benefits. JioFiber’s Rs 699 plan also offers 3,300 GB of data but the speed is 100 Mbps. In this you are not given any OTT benefits.

Jio’s Rs 999 plan: In Geo’s Rs 999 plan, you get 3,300 GB of internet at 150 Mbps speed. If you are an OTT fan then this plan can be a good option for you. Because, in this plan you also get access to 16 OTT apps including Hotstar and Amazon Prime video. Geo has another plan. JioFiber’s most expensive plan is Rs 2,499. In which you are given 4,000 GB of data at a speed of 500 Mbps. This also gives access to most OTT apps. If you need more internet speed, JioFiber’s Rs 2,499 might be the best option for you.

Airtel Fiber Plans: The cheapest Airtel-Fiber plan is Rs 499. You get access to 3,300 GB of data, seven OTT platforms and five studio apps at 40 Mbps speeds. Airtel’s next plan also offers you 3,300 GB of data, seven OTT apps and five studio apps. However, it has an internet speed of 200 Mbps. The cost of this plan is Rs. 799. An Airtel plan costs Rs 999. In which you are given 3,300 GB of data at 200 Mbps speed and membership of many OTT and studio apps. Airtel’s most expensive plan is Rs 3,999. It provides you with 1 Gbps internet speed and includes many OTT and studio apps. In addition to the plan costs, you will have to pay for the installation. You will have to pay one thousand more when you take Airtel plan. So, Jio charges a connection fee of Rs 1,500.


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