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Airtel, Jio’s Vi? Find out who is offering superfast 4G internet to customers?

New Delhi: 5G network will be available in the country soon. Currently private telecom companies Airtel, Jio And Vi Providing 4G network to customers. Reliance once again among these companies Geo Top 4G download speeds. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAIOf course, Troy has released March figures. According to these statistics, the average 4G download speed of Geo was 21.1mbps. Geo’s average 4G download speed in February was 20.6mbps. An increase of 0.5 mbps in March. Only government company except Geo BSNL The speed of has increased. BSNL’s download speed was 4.8 mbps in February and 6.1 mbps in March.

Airtel And a decrease in the 4G speed of Vi

According to TRAI data, 4G speeds of Airtel and Vodafone Idea, two other major players in the telecom sector, declined in March. Airtel has suffered the most. Compared to the previous month, the company’s 4G download speed decreased by 1.3mbps in March. The speed of VI has been reduced by 0.5 mbps. Also in March, Airtel’s speed is 13.7 mbps and VI’s is 17.9 mbps. Telecom company Reliance Jio’s speed is faster than these two companies.

Geo continues to advance in 4G download speeds

As usual, Reliance Jio has surpassed Airtel and VI in terms of average 4G download speeds. In March, Geo’s 4G download speeds were 7.4 Mbps and 3.2 Mbps higher than Airtel and VI, respectively. Reliance Jio has consistently been at No. 1 in 4G download speeds for the last few years. Like downloads, Bharti Airtel ranks third in average 4G upload speeds. The company’s average upload speed in March was 6.1 Mbps. Reliance Jio is in second place with an upload speed of 7.3 Mbps. With 8.2 Mbps VI 4G is at the forefront of upload speeds.

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