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Airtel eSIM: How to activate Airtel eSIM in iPhone and Android phones, know the process here

Technology has changed a lot over time and there has been a lot of development. Earlier a phone used to have one SIM card and after that phones with two or two SIM cards came and then micro and now the feature of eSIM has also come. After 2018, iPhones, and Android flagships and smartwatches come with eSIM support.

It adds dual-SIM functionality to smartphones that have space for only one physical SIM. eSIM or embedded SIM creates a secondary profile for calls, SMS and cellular data. While it works like a normal SIM, the setup process of eSIM is slightly different. If you are wondering how to set up Airtel eSIM on iPhone, Android and Smartwatch, then here we have given below process which you can follow and setup.

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How to Setup Airtel eSIM on iPhone and Android Mobile Phones

If you also want to activate Airtel’s eSIM on iPhone or Android, then we have explained here the complete step-by-step process that you can follow to activate it.

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step 1- First of all you have to enter ‘eSIM’ with your email id. An SMS has to be sent to 121 in ’email’ format.

Step 2- Thereafter, you will receive a confirmation SMS and a call confirming that you have sent a request to convert your physical SIM to eSIM.

Airtel eSIM: How to activate Airtel eSIM in iPhone and Android phones, know the process here

Step 3- After this an email will come in which a QR code will be received. This QR code has to be scanned using the phone on which you want to set up the digital SIM.

Know which is the best among Airtel's 319 and Jio's Rs 259 plan with 30 days validity?How to Scan QR Code for Airtel eSIM Activation

To scan the QR code, open the Settings app on your iPhone and Android mobile phones and go to the Mobile data option.

Now here, tap on the data plan option and scan the QR code. Note, the code can only be scanned once.

Now, you will be asked to add Airtel data plan on eSIM. To do so simply tap on Add Data Plan at the bottom of the screen. You can set this profile as primary or secondary.

Now toll cost will be visible on Google Maps, know how to update and use new featuresNext, you have to choose which number (physical SIM or eSIM) you want to use for calls and data.

After this, your physical SIM will become inactive for some time when it is transferred to an eSIM (Digital SIM).

Once this transfer process is complete, you will be able to view the secondary eSIM profile in your mobile data settings.

In this way your e sim card will be set up. And you can enjoy and experience this new technology.

What is e-SIM

eSIM is a digital SIM i.e. does not look like a physical SIM card. Which is embedded in your handset or smart watch or mobile device for connectivity. Also, we can get to see the secret of eSIM in the coming time.




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