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Airborne scanning device threatens the privacy of smart gadget users, data can be manipulated, know how?


Researchers have detected a data manipulation device.
Researchers have named it ‘Y-peep’.
This device takes advantage of security flaws.

new Delhi. Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario have come up with an airborne scanning device that can triangulate the location of WiFi-connected devices in your home with the help of off-the-shelf drones. It can manipulate the data of the WiFi network. Not only this, it can trace the location of devices through sneaky scanning. According to the researchers, this location may be involved in the revealing privacy attack. Researchers Ali Abedi and Deepak Vashisht, who recently presented their findings at the 28th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, have named it ‘Y-Peep’.

Researchers say that this device takes advantage of security flaws in IEEE 802.11. Explain that IEEE 802.11 is a wireless protocol for a local access network. There have been problems of data interception and eavesdropping. This program is known as a ‘time-of-flight’ technique (ToF), which uses data manipulation tricks to measure the physical distance between the signal and the object.

communication with local devices
All smart devices are set to automatically respond to contact attempts from other devices in their area, even if their network is password protected. To manipulate this loophole, Wi-Peep emits a ToF signal that attempts to establish contact with local devices and subsequently allows surreptitious localization of specific WiFi-powered devices within a particular building or area.

Home security cameras can be detected
According to the researchers, the nature of the device can be assessed through information derived from its MAC address, which is a unique identifier given to devices in a particular network. Abidi and Vashisht have raised concerns that with this device, hackers could potentially infer the location of occupants, security cameras and even home intrusion sensors.

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will help hackers
Hackers can use this information to locate valuable items like laptops and to detect occasions when people are either not at home or away from a specific area. During his presentation, Abidi said that the device can also be used to track the activities of security guards inside a bank by following the location of people’s phones or smartwatches.

can be used remotely
Not only this, it can help thieves identify the location and type of smart devices in the home, including security cameras, laptops and smart TVs. Apart from this, it can be used quickly and remotely without detecting users through drones.



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