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Airbag: The rule of giving 6 airbags in cars hangs again, what will the government do now?

6 Airbags in Cars: The Road Transport and Highways Ministry had issued a draft notification to make 6 airbags, rear seat belt alarm and three-point seat belt mandatory in cars. However, these rules have not been implemented yet.

6 Airbags Rule: Keeping in view the safe journey, the government has made a plan to make 6 airbags mandatory in the cars. The Road Transport Ministry had also brought out a draft notification for this. Through this draft, three safety features in cars from the government – ​​6 airbags, rear belt alarm and three-point Seat belt wants to make it mandatory. However, the government could not issue the final notification due to which the new rules could not be implemented. This means that the government will now have to issue a new draft notification again.

In order to provide a safe travel environment to the people, the government has come up with the idea of ​​upgrading the car safety rules. Under this, this draft notification was issued. From October 2023, car companies would have to follow the new rules. However, due to non-availability of the final notification, now the draft notification will be issued again.

Time sought for 6 airbags

The government will again have to go through the same process as it did during the first draft notification. Suggestions and objections will be sought under this process. According to the report of TOI, October 2023, a big car company is not in a position to follow the new rules. A little more time has been sought to feature 6 airbags in the current model.

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