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Air conditioner will run at your command, Samsung launches windfree AC with Wi-Fi

Samsung Air Conditioner Price: Samsung, India’s most trusted consumer electronics brand has introduced its line-up of premium WindFree air conditioners. Windfree technology expels dry cold air at a speed of 23,000 months without any sound, creating a calm atmosphere in the room. If you want to upgrade your AC this summer, then this can prove to be a great option for you.

This new range of ACs comes with PM 1.0 filter that kills 99% of bacteria and its Freeze Wash feature removes dust and bacteria from the heat exchanger with ease at home. The beautiful design of this new range adds a new vibe to any living space or work space.

AC with Wi-Fi
Windfree ACs seamlessly integrate with Samsung’s SmartThings app via Wi-Fi, so you can change settings or switch it on/off using Bixby’s voice assistant, Alexa, and Google Home Huh. You can also optimize the cooling with Smart AI Auto Cooling and automatically cool the room before reaching home with the Geo-Fencing based Welcome Cooling feature. Along with this, windfree technology can save up to 77% of electricity and digital inverter technology can save up to 41% in convertible 5-in-1 AC.

Rajiv Bhutani, Senior Vice President, HVAC Division, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India, said that the windfree air conditioner has been designed to maintain the right temperature and produce only 21 decibels of noise. While the Smart AI feature of the Windfree Air Conditioner allows consumers to operate it remotely, the convertible option helps reduce power consumption.

He said that if there is no movement in the room for 20 minutes, the motion detect sensor switches the AC to windfree mode to prevent wastage of electricity. You can also set it in such a way that it throws the wind away from you or wherever you are in the room, the wind comes towards you.

Price and Offers (Samsung Air Conditioner Price)
Samsung’s new range of premium windfree air conditioners comprises 28 models. Their price ranges from Rs 50,990 to Rs 99,990. Samsung’s new Windfree AC line-up is available across all major retail stores and online on Flipkart and Amazon as well as Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop.

A cashback of 12.5% ​​or up to Rs 7,500 can be availed on the sale of Samsung Air Conditioner. You can also buy it at an easy monthly installment of Rs.999. Offers like an additional comprehensive warranty of 5 years are also being offered on this air conditioner. Avail attractive offers like 5 years comprehensive warranty on PCB controller, fanmotor, copper condenser and evaporator coil.

Samsung is launching 48 more models, out of which 44 will be in the convertible 5-in-1 line-up and 4 will be fixed-speed models of air conditioners.


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