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Air Conditioner under 30000: Enjoy AC Air for Less Than Thirty Thousand, Discount Available Here

If you don’t have the budget to buy an AC, then you’re in luck. You can enjoy the cool air of an AC for less than thirty thousand rupees. There are great discounts available on online e-commerce platforms. Check out which ACs are on discount.

Beat the Heat with Affordable ACs

These days, the heat is unbearable for everyone. Many people are thinking of installing an AC in their house. However, the high price of ACs can be a hurdle. But don’t worry. Here, we will tell you about some ACs available for less than 30 thousand rupees. You can buy them with discounts on online e-commerce platforms.

LG 1.5 Ton AC at a Cheaper Price

You can get a Split Inverter AC at a very low price. Although the original price of this AC is Rs 55,990, you can buy it with a 55 percent discount from Flipkart. The platform also offers a no-cost EMI option. If you prefer, you can buy it on EMI instead of making the entire payment at once.

Whirlpool Convertible 4-in-1

You can buy this convertible AC at a cheaper price. The original price of this AC is Rs 55,900, but you can buy it from Flipkart with a 51 percent discount for Rs 26,990.

Blue Star 0.8 Ton AC

Blue Star’s 0.8 ton AC, which is a 3-star AC, is available at a discount. You can buy this AC from Amazon at a cheap price. It won’t affect your pocket much, and you will enjoy the cool air of the AC. This AC is available at a 34 percent discount for just Rs 27,989.

Discount on Lloyd 0.8 Ton AC

The original price of this AC is Rs 47,990, but you can buy it with a 44 percent discount for only Rs 26,990. You can also buy this AC on no-cost EMI.

More Discounts Available

Apart from the ACs mentioned above, discounts are available on ACs from other companies as well. If you want, you can buy an AC at a lower price online from Amazon or Flipkart.


What is the best AC available for under 30000?

  • There are several options, including the LG 1.5 Ton AC, Whirlpool Convertible 4-in-1, and Blue Star 0.8 Ton AC, all available at great discounts.

Can I buy these ACs on EMI?

  • Yes, many e-commerce platforms offer no-cost EMI options for these ACs.

Where can I find these discounted ACs?

  • You can find these ACs at discounted prices on Amazon and Flipkart.

Is it worth buying a 0.8 Ton AC?

  • Yes, a 0.8 Ton AC can be sufficient for small rooms and is more affordable.

Are these ACs energy efficient?

  • Yes, many of these ACs come with energy efficiency ratings, such as 3-star ratings, ensuring they consume less power.

Can I get additional accessories with these ACs?

  • Some e-commerce platforms may offer additional accessories or installation services with the purchase of these ACs.

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