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AI Tools For Students: Exam is looming and you haven’t even opened the book, these three AI tools will help you prepare quickly!

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AI tools will help in preparing for the exam.Image Credit source: DALL.E AI/Mohd Jishan/TV9

Exams are looming but neither revision has been done nor have I opened the books. But to pass the exam you will have to study. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools can help you in studying in less time. Therefore, if you are a lot of tension regarding the exam then you can take the help of these AI tools. This will help you in preparing quickly so that you can pass the exam.

Exam stress, preparation burden, and lack of time – all these together can trouble students. But don’t panic, because now you can prepare for the exam. AI tools Can take help. This will not only make it easier to prepare for the exam but will also allow for timely revision.

3 AI tools for studying

Here are three AI tools that can help you prepare for the exam-


No matter what the field, the importance of PDF cannot be denied. If you are a student then you must be using PDF. tool can help you in exam preparation. Visit its website and upload the PDF of the book or other study material. After this, you can ask whatever you want from the PDF.

It tries to give you the exact answer. You get important topics and concepts in less time, it also gives page numbers while giving answers.

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a popular AI chatbot. It is used for different purposes all over the world. If you want to study from this then you have to give the right prompt. Prompt means a kind of question or inquiry. You can ask important points of your class, subjects, concepts, topics on ChatGPT.

Apart from this, you can ask ChatGPT for an easy way to remember or learn the answers by telling your age.


This AI tool helps you use online whiteboard for your exam preparation. You can write important topics and concepts, make notes, and draw images on this whiteboard. Apart from this, you can share this whiteboard with your classmates.

When you share it, your whiteboard screen will be visible on your classmate’s phone. With this, both can prepare together.

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